Bambino Sport® offers a simple, easy-to- use wholesale program.  The registration requirements vary for wholesale clients.  Our minimum order is $250.00 and re-orders are $150.00.  We strongly recommend retailers pre-order our upcoming collections to ensure they are receiving our latest designs and collections. 

You can begin the registration process by filling out our online form providing us with information about your company. Once you are approved and registered as wholesale customer, we will activate your account. You will then be able to log into the website and place your first order. Please feel free to email us at for specific information and questions. We would be happy to discuss the wholesale process with you.    


Please find some important facts regarding Bambino Sport® below:

  1. All Bambino Sport® brand items are designed in the USA by our President and CEO and manufactured in the USA or India.
  2. Bambino Sport® does not allow co-branding or re-branding of our products, however, we do allow them to be sold under a generic name.  (For example, you cannot sell them as "Peyton’s Football" but selling them as "football outfits" or "football shirts" is acceptable.)  You may not call Bambino Sport® products by your store name or another brand name, even if they are altered or embellished. 
  3. All sales are final for wholesale customers. 
  4. Wholesale clients are permitted and expected to sell Bambino Sport® products in a retail setting.  This may include physical locations (brick and mortar stores) and e-commerce websites.  Wholesale clients do not have permission to resell Bambino Sport® products on  While we do not have a strict MSRP, we do expect our items to be sold at a reasonable retail markup.  We do not allow wholesale clients to sell our items at wholesale or near wholesale prices.  Wholesale clients are prohibited from selling our items in co-ops or Facebook buy-ins.  
  5. Promotions listed on our website are typically for retail customers only.  All wholesale promotions will be emailed directly to the address on your account. 
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